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What makes Terrain different.

We believe that customer satisfaction is of the highest priority in the landscaping and snow removal industries. Our attention to detail and perfectionist mentality will ensure that everything from your new projects to regular maintenance will be carried out thoughtfully, completely, and in the way that best suits your individual needs and desires. We strive to be accessible and approachable at all times, for any reason. Our communication and responsiveness will exceed your expectations.

Charlie Vick (right) boasts 15 years of high-end residential installation and maintenance experience having worked at a premier landscape firm in Greenwich, Connecticut. He will listen to his clients whether it be to masterfully turn their outdoor dreams to reality or to simply hear concerns and ensure property maintenance is being carried out on the highest level. He loves to help clients realize the full potential of their property.

Mekki Jaidi (left) is the founder and owner of Outpost, Jackson Hole’s premier vacation rental and property management company. He has since also seen success in creating O2 Cleaning and partnering in Provisions. Mekki has built his companies around reputable client services where responsiveness and “doing business the right way” are the foundations of all his companies.

With Charlie’s incredible skillset and creativity, and Mekki’s knack for client communication, the two hope to create a model where landscaping and snow removal services is hassle free.